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Visit Parks In Smyrna

Today in modern world of plastics, concrete, glass and other artificial materials, parks present rare jewel of oxygen, beauty and health. Many cities, especially the capitals lost their parks because of industrial interests. Recently in all the consequences of the pollution some cities began to think about growing more green surfaces. Many people are leaving capitals and starting their lives in little towns surrounded by nature. Smyrna is the city that kept its nature side which is attracting more and more people to buy properties here. Actually Smyrna also has a nickname Jonquil city thanks to huge number of jonquils in almost every garden and around the streets. Parks are specialty in this town and here are some of the most beautiful ones.

Jonquil Park

Jonquil-ParkThanks to the big number of jonquils there is also a park with this name. It covers 14 acres with outnumbering amenities. For kids there is a playground, and for others you may find multipurpose fields surrounded with walking trails. It is one of the smaller area but really clean and well-kept including convenient restrooms.

Taylor- Brawner Park

This presents bigger but beautiful and clean landscape with lots of green areas. Walking paths are all over the place leading you to the playground for the kids, gazebo with picnic tables and spacious areas for soccer or frisbee lovers. Trails are also convenient not just for hikers but also for runners and bike riders.

North Cooper Lake Park

This park covers 51 acres and it is very popular because of its trails for mountain bikers. Beside the trails it offers huge and spacious areas for kids to play or some football and soccer lovers. For less adrenalin type of visitors there are always various walking trails that will lead you to nice public resting places.

Brinkley Park

Brinkley-ParkThis one will provide a nice relaxing day to anybody. Outnumbering playgrounds are full of kids especially in spring when various Leagues like for baseball or T-ball are starting. Other open spaces are used usually for running surrounded by many walking trails. Place is amazingly clean with offer of restrooms located all over the place.  There is even a covered pavilion anybody may rent for some birthday party or other occasion while it makes perfect protection from strong sunlight.