Shopping In Smyrna

There is something special about that shopping thing only women can explain. As population is growing also is materialistic world that includes need for earning and spending money. One of the best places in Atlanta for shopping is Smyrna. No matter somebody just wants to visit and buy some souvenir or little gift for their loved one or somebody needs shopping therapy. Choices are outnumbering and everybody will find definitely something for themselves. It is not all about large chain stores, true beauty lies in unique independent stores with special items.

Nest Home and Garden

Nest-Home-and-GardenIf you want to buy some unique item for your household there is no better place to be. And it is not only furniture what they sell, you may also find some beautiful wall decorations and special serve ware. Of course if some ladies are in the mood for cosmetic or jewelry there is also amazing offer of these products. Baby showers are always current so if you want to buy something special for little ones it is also possible. Choices of clothing styles are various here in consignment boutique. You also have option to make some room in your closet, bring things you don’t need any more and even earn some money.

Heart and Sole boutique

Accessories and clothing for ladies over here is just amazing. So much uniqueness at one place. No matter you need some evening combination, business style or just to spend day in casual style you will find it here for sure. Some special jewelry pieces will complete your total outfit. Special offer is hidden in shoe department where shoe lovers will fulfill their passion and if any lady is in need for some beauty cosmetics there is a great offer as well.

Love Street Gifts

This is an amazing sister boutique of Heart and Sole next door. A colorful garden area on the exterior will leave you breathless while visiting this small gift boutique. Friendly staff will make your time here so pleasant and relaxed you will feel like at home. Choices of product are various, from wall art, shoes, jewelry boxes, plants to some rubber stamps. Anybody who is looking for just right gift has to drop by.

Best Menu In Smyrna

Truth is everybody likes to eat, only difference is what kind of food. In Atlanta choices of cuisines are various. No matter you would like to try some specialty from Southern cuisine or from totally other part of the world, you will be served. Smyrna is one of the best choices when it comes to that. With great number of quality food restaurants you will not be disappointed with any kind of menu. Here are some of my suggestions that would satisfy any appetite or taste.

South City Kitchen

Unique Southern ambience will serve you with great menu specialties like buttermilk-fried chicken, pan-fried chicken livers and pulled pork. Fans of the great banana pudding mustn’t miss this place. List of drinks is marvelous no matter you try wine, beer or some cocktail. This restaurant totally completes your unique Southern adventure.

Zama Mexican Cuisine

Zama-Mexican-CuisineIf you can’t make it to Mexico this year and you really need something to eat from their cuisine there is no better place to be if visiting Smyrna. Staff is so friendly and inside atmosphere so pleasant you will feel like at home. Tasteful decorations with artistic touch give that unique Mexican spirit to remind you of the food you will enjoy. Stuffed bolillo bread, huarache or tostadas, just name it and you will get first class of your order. For drink lovers there are great kinds of imported beer, wines and special margaritas.

Opa greek Village Taverna

Opa-greek-Village-TavernaNo better place for Mediterranean lovers in search for some fun and joyful food. There is no Greek meal missing over here, just name it. Starting from famous and classical moussaka, tzatziki and baklava to specialties like lamb chops or some pita with gyro meat or souvlaki. In nice weather time you may enjoy the food outside at the restaurant’s patio seating.

Mezza Luna

We all know that one of the greatest tastes about food and clothing style is Italian. Italian cuisine likes to talk just like the Italian people. Soft and elegant atmosphere inside the restaurant gives that special touch to your romantic dinner. No matter you order only pasta, some salad or decide to take a veal or black risotto you will get fresh and quick meal in no time. Besides a great veal this restaurant is famous of the salmon and flounder offer for fish lovers. Amazing wine list is inevitable.



Weather And Tourism In Smyrna

One of the most important factors for people when planning a trip is checking out weather prognosis. This is understandable in a way people wouldn’t like to spend their days of vacation inside because of bad weather conditions being unprepared. If you want to visit Smyrna in Georgia here are some basic weather statistics you could find useful for your vacation planning.


Considering this weather factor, suggested ideal period to visit this town is from the end of the March to the end of the May. This is really pleasant time for everybody especially people with serious health problems. If you are fond of some higher temperature you may catch strongest sunlight in August, July and then June. Important thing you should consider here is “feel-like” temperature impression which is very individual especially over the summer when humidity can get very high or there are strong cold winds blowing in winter. You will find least humidity in February while most humid month is December. Considering winds Smyrna is mostly pretty calm place but if you want to avoid strongest winds do not visit in February.

Tourism crowd

Tourism-crowdThere are people who consider their perfect vacation as a getaway to quiet and not crowded place and on the other hand there are lots of people who like active vacation with some adrenalin adventures. For those who want to avoid people best time to visit Smyrna is November which is also the cheapest month. June, July and August are busiest months for this town while offer of flights and accommodations significantly rises.

I hope this information presents any kind of help while planning your Smyrna visit and one thing is for sure, you will not make a mistake no matter what time of year you choose. Unique charm and personality of this town will leave you some special life memories.


If you want to keep your feet dry in Smyrna than your perfect time of year for visiting is September, October and November. Lowest chances are definitely in September while biggest chances are in December. People who are in love with snow should definitely visit this place at end of the February and March.


Visit Parks In Smyrna

Today in modern world of plastics, concrete, glass and other artificial materials, parks present rare jewel of oxygen, beauty and health. Many cities, especially the capitals lost their parks because of industrial interests. Recently in all the consequences of the pollution some cities began to think about growing more green surfaces. Many people are leaving capitals and starting their lives in little towns surrounded by nature. Smyrna is the city that kept its nature side which is attracting more and more people to buy properties here. Actually Smyrna also has a nickname Jonquil city thanks to huge number of jonquils in almost every garden and around the streets. Parks are specialty in this town and here are some of the most beautiful ones.

Jonquil Park

Jonquil-ParkThanks to the big number of jonquils there is also a park with this name. It covers 14 acres with outnumbering amenities. For kids there is a playground, and for others you may find multipurpose fields surrounded with walking trails. It is one of the smaller area but really clean and well-kept including convenient restrooms.

Taylor- Brawner Park

This presents bigger but beautiful and clean landscape with lots of green areas. Walking paths are all over the place leading you to the playground for the kids, gazebo with picnic tables and spacious areas for soccer or frisbee lovers. Trails are also convenient not just for hikers but also for runners and bike riders.

North Cooper Lake Park

This park covers 51 acres and it is very popular because of its trails for mountain bikers. Beside the trails it offers huge and spacious areas for kids to play or some football and soccer lovers. For less adrenalin type of visitors there are always various walking trails that will lead you to nice public resting places.

Brinkley Park

Brinkley-ParkThis one will provide a nice relaxing day to anybody. Outnumbering playgrounds are full of kids especially in spring when various Leagues like for baseball or T-ball are starting. Other open spaces are used usually for running surrounded by many walking trails. Place is amazingly clean with offer of restrooms located all over the place.  There is even a covered pavilion anybody may rent for some birthday party or other occasion while it makes perfect protection from strong sunlight.